England Squad for Euro 2016! 

The 26 man squad for Euro 2016 next month was announced earlier today and there were a few surprises. 

The first surprise was 18 year old Marcus Rashford from Man United who has impressed in the latter part of this season but Hodgson has picked him ahead of more experienced players such as Defoe, Carroll and Walcott. 

Defoe in particular has been in great form recently and has kept Sunderland up with his goals but maybe Hodgson thinks he is too old and wants to give a youngster a chance. Carroll has also been impressive recently but he has suffered with injuries and Walcott is also injury prone, perhaps hasn’t played enough and is off form. So maybe Hodgson was right and Rashford could play without any fear and really go for it just like Owen and Rooney did in the past. 

Another surprise in my opinion is Delph from Man City who has barely played at all this season and even when he has played he hasn’t been that good. Someone like Noble from West Ham deserved a place a lot more than him but Hodgson seems to favour players from the bigger teams no matter how bad they are. 

Townsend from Newcastle was the other shock as he has struggled to be as good as he was when he played for England before but recently he has started to play well but I thought someone else could have taken his place. Walcott again could have done as well as him or Antonio from West Ham (Hodgson seems to have something against them). 

If I wasn’t an Arsenal fan perhaps I would have also said Wilshere was a surprise because he has only started one game all season but I do think he should be there as he will arguably be a lot fresher than most of the players and he originally helped us to even get into the Euros! 

Overall though I think Hodgson has done quite well barring a few and he does have to get rid of three after the friendlies coming up so it could be the three that I have said or players might get injured. Other players could also be on standby if needed. 

What do you think of the squad? What changes would you make? 


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