My Arsenal Transfers For This Summer: Defensive Midfielder 

After missing out on the Premier League this year these are the players that I think we should get to help us win the title next season. 

I probably identified the exact same positions this time last season but as Wenger only bought Cech and no outfield players we are still about 3-4 players short in my opinion.

One position that I thought we should get was defensive midfielder as we still didn’t really have a top class one and with Arteta and Flamini going we needed to get someone to replace them. Also Coquelin and Elneny are good but maybe not good enough to win the league. 

In the period of writing and publishing this blog we have already signed Xhaka who is a player in this position. I don’t know much about him but I have heard he is good. He is tall, physical and a leader and he was the captain of his previous team. We do need leaders in our squad and he could be the defensive midfielder we have been missing for a while. 

Kante from Leicester would have been amazing as well after just winning the league but would he want to leave as Leicester are also in the Champions League and he might stay for one more season?

Wanyama from Southampton would have been another option but I don’t think he is good enough and there are also a lot of other players that would have been suitable. 

I don’t think we will get anyone else now though after signing Xhaka as we have a lot of midfielders and should focus on the other positions. Hopefully Xhaka won’t be our only signing this summer. 


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