My Arsenal Transfers For This Summer: Striker

The main priority for us now has to be a striker and by this I mean someone who virtually guarantees you at least 20-25 goals a season. Giroud is good but not good enough to help us win the league in my opinion. He would be a great back up but he doesn’t quite score enough. All the other teams in the top four had a striker who scored 20+ goals and this is exactly what we need.

I would go for Zlatan Ibrahimovic as he definitely guarantees a lot of goals and I think we need a player of his winning mentality at the club. Having said that though I can’t imagine Wenger buying him because of his arrogance and he did turn us down when he was younger saying “Zlatan doesn’t do trials!” He would be a free transfer but his wages are high and Wenger doesn’t like giving individual players that much money. 

Zlatan is also in his mid 30’s but he says he still feels fresh and he has done very well this season. Wenger should make him his selfish (maybe last) signing just like Ferguson at Man United with Van Persie in his last season. But talking of Man United with their recent announcement of Mourinho as manager they are the team that are most linked with Ibrahimovic and unfortunately I think they will get him instead of us. 

Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund would be ideal but he will cost a lot and he has said he wants to go to Real Madrid if he leaves so it will be very hard to persuade him to join us. I hope I am wrong here. 

Linking from Real Madrid another striker option would be Benzema again but look how that turned out last season and he has had a lot of troubles off the pitch. He would be an option though if Aubameyang does go to Real Madrid as he will want to be the main striker. Also Morata who goes back to Real Madrid has potential and has been linked with us a lot but I don’t think he is really good enough and doesn’t score enough goals. 

Lukaku from Everton is another player we could get because he is still young and has a lot of potential but is he or will he ever be world class? 

Will Wenger even get anyone? I think he knows that we need someone especially with Welbeck out for a while and Walcott who is a winger and is under performing which leaves us with only Giroud. 


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