Arsenal Transfer Latest: Vardy to Arsenal?! 

It’s only early June but there has already been a lot of transfer news and rumours involving everyone particularly Arsenal. 

We have already signed Granit Xhaka from Switzerland but there is so much talk about Jamie Vardy coming to Arsenal. Who would have ever thought it and I won’t really believe it until I see him in an Arsenal shirt? I know that Arsenal are a bigger team than Leicester but they did win the league last year and he was their top scorer and one of their best players so it is hard to imagine it happening. 

Vardy had recently signed a new contract and I know it doesn’t mean that much but I really thought that out of everyone at Leicester he would stay and see how far they can go. He has come from nowhere and I thought he would almost definitely want to stay for at least another season. 

Leicester are also in the Champions League as well as us so this shouldn’t really be a factor but I suppose you would think that Arsenal have a better chance to  go further and maybe win it. Also Arsenal should have a better chance of winning trophies than Leicester unless they continue to shock the world. We would also offer more money than they could but I don’t think Vardy is really that bothered about that. 

However he is coming up to 30 and isn’t getting any younger so you have to think if he would turn down an offer and a club like Arsenal. You only get one life and this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for him. 

If the rumours are true that he is coming then what a transfer it would be. He proved himself last season with 24 goals nearly being the top scorer in the league and I think he would get as many goals at Arsenal with arguably more chances to score. Players like Özil could assist him a lot and he could have an even better season than this year.

It is slightly a risk though if he doesn’t suit our style of play but I think he would or he would adapt to be even better. This could also be Wenger’s last season at Arsenal which I said before so he might be doing a selfish signing like Ferguson did with Van Persie. He could be the striker we have been looking for since Van Persie who scores 20+ goals a season. Is Vardy world class though and was last season just a one off?  

We have also been linked with Vardy’s teammate and PFA player of the year Mahrez as well which would be amazing. I can’t imagine if we got both of them and I would feel a bit sorry for Leicester but I suppose they have had their moment of glory. Our front four next season could be Mahrez, Özil, Sanchez and Vardy! 

Other players we have been rumoured with is left back Rodriguez from Switzerland who is apparently best friends with Xhaka and winger Mhikitaryan from Dortmund who would both be good additions to the squad. I think we are also going to get rid of a lot of players so who knows what will happen. 

Vardy is now in France and there were rumours that his future would be announced before he went but nothing happened and we will probably have to wait until after the Euros now. 

Will Vardy come to Arsenal? Would it be a good signing for us? Who else will we sign? 


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