Euro 2016 Predictions! 

With only three days left until Euro 2016 starts these are my predictions. Let’s hope they are better than my Premier League predictions! 

I think the contenders to win the Euros have to be the hosts France who are the favourites but you also have to say current world champions Germany as well as the Euro holders Spain. These countries have to be the three favourites and I would be surprised if none of them win but you never know in football especially in tournaments. 

I’m not being biased or over optimistic but I do think England could also win it. We have a good young squad with Kane, Alli as well as Rooney and Vardy and there is no reason why we can’t go far at least and then there’s always a chance. If Greece can do it and Leicester can win the league anyone can win. If I am maybe more realistic though I see us getting to the quarter finals at least but we should really get to the semi finals. Can we do it?

The outsiders to win have to be Belgium who are the dark horses and have the quality to win with many top premier league players like Hazard and De Bruyne  but I can’t see them winning it. Italy also are a solid team and usually do well in every tournament and Portugal are the other team that could do it but they are too reliant on Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Other teams such as Poland, Croatia and Wales I think will do well and could be the surprise packages. They arguably don’t have enough quality in their squads though to win it. England and Wales should both get out of the group but the other home nations will struggle in my opinion. The Republic of Ireland will have a better chance and might be one of the best third placed teams but Northern Ireland will struggle to get through to the knockout stages I think. 

The players to look out for and ones that could win the best player award are Pogba (my best mate) and Griezmann or maybe even Payet from France. Muller or Özil from Germany I think could also do very well but it could be anyone. 

The golden boot winner has to be between Lewandowski, Muller, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Griezmann in my opinion. Kane, Vardy or even Bale could do it or maybe there will be some surprises.

What will happen at Euro 2016? Who will win it? Who will be the best player? Who will win the golden boot? How far will England get? 


2 thoughts on “Euro 2016 Predictions! 

  1. Hi Morgan, I agreed, Poland and Croatia are definitely the best dark horses. I don’t think you can even claim Belgium as outsiders. Italy are shit and I don’t fancy Spain at all for some undefined reasons. Any ways, it’s obviously going to be an England v Belgium final, or Spurs v Spurs as it’s known in most ITK circles

    • Hi Dave. Yeah maybe Belgium are one of the favourites actually I don’t think they have enough quality to win it though. I don’t think Italy aren’t that bad and Spain will get to the semi finals in my opinion. Haha I think you might be being a tiny bit biased there. I think it will be England v France final!

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