Looking Back at my Premier League Predictions! 

As I was thinking about doing my Euro 2016 predictions it made me think and look back at my Premier League predictions that I made before the season.

The main points have to be that I went for Chelsea to finish up there and Leicester to finish near the bottom as I’m sure many other people would have said given what happened in the season before. But obviously Chelsea really struggled and Leicester did really well to everyone’s surprise and I still don’t really know how it happened. 

Firstly with Chelsea and the main reason why they struggled so much has to be because of Mourinho and the way he left (good luck Man United) but also the players just didn’t play anywhere near like they did the previous year. Players like Hazard did not get going until the very end of the season when there was nothing to play for and this is very strange.

Maybe they weren’t as motivated to win after winning before but that’s no excuse for doing as badly as they did especially with the quality and the money they have. I think the players didn’t want to play under Mourinho anymore though at the start for unknown reasons and he had to leave as a result. I expect them to do better next year though under new manager Conte. I might be wrong though! 

The story with Leicester though still shocks me. They were almost relegated the year before and to then go on and win the league the following year is just sensational. Players like Vardy who came from the bottom and Mahrez who was unknown as well as Kante all surprised everyone completely. Ranieri also shocked many people by his tactics and playing a 4-4-2 system which worked so well. Their whole team played as a proper team and they just wanted it so much and got what they deserved in the end. 

I said that I thought Arsenal would have won the league along with Chelsea and I was nearly right in the end as we finished second but we were 10 points behind Leicester. If it wasn’t for such a freak season though we could have won. Spurs did also surprise me though playing really well and nearly winning it but they completely crumbled at the end and we took full advantage to finish above them once again! 

I also thought that Man City would do better than they did as well as Man United and Liverpool who both under performed in the league. West Ham also surprised everyone by having a great season and they could have even finished in the top four. Southampton ended very strong but I wasn’t too surprised about that as they have done well in recent seasons. 

With the relegation I thought obviously the teams that had been promoted would be in trouble as many did but only Norwich went back down. Watford and Bournemouth surprised me a lot at how well they did especially Watford as they didn’t just stay up but were comfortable and never looked like going down. 

Obviously I didn’t expect Aston Villa and Newcastle to do so badly. I thought they both had enough to stay up at the start of the season especially Newcastle. In the end though Aston Villa were arguably the worst team ever in the Premier League along with Derby and Newcastle just went down instead of their arch rivals Sunderland who once again stayed up. I thought that this season would have been the season where Sunderland finally went down but they proved me wrong. 

So what a season it was. I still can’t believe what happened along with many other people I’m sure and it has changed the way people will predict and bet forever now. Anything can happen but will there ever be a season quite like this again? 


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