Russia Invades! 

Fans from both Russia and England were already fighting days before the game, and throughout our time in Marseille there was violence going on but it really kicked off as soon as the game finished. 

The Russian fans were the main culprits as they attacked the England fans behind the goal where they scored their injury time equaliser. Imagine what would have happened if they had lost! 

We were sitting at the other end of the stadium but could see everything that happened. The England fans – including families with children – had to run from the Russians with their balaclavas and gum shields leaving an area of empty seats. There were also some loud bangs from the flares which the Russian fans had smuggled in to the stadium adding to the atmosphere.
Having seen what was happening we quickly made our exit and managed to stay out of trouble completely along with many others. It was a shame that some fans let everyone down and it made everyone forget about the actual game. 

The picture below was taken just 5 minutes after the featured image above. As you can see, the Russians did more attacking in the stands than they did on the pitch. 


One thought on “Russia Invades! 

  1. Well doneMorgan….what a busy bee you’ve been…all very interesting with lots of local colour eg the Russians and the fighting or no fighting far! L X


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