Queens is the annual grass tournament that always comes before Wimbledon and it was the first time I had ever been. 

The final was between home favourite and defending champion Andy Murray and Canadian Milos Raonic and it wasn’t just a battle between both players. It was also a battle between their famous coaches Lendl and McEnroe and we saw the latter on the practice courts before hand. 

The game was very close and both players served very well as the first set went to a tiebreak. Raonic managed to win this though putting Murray under huge pressure. 

The second set started very badly as Raonic went an early break up and James and I took the blame for this as we were in the toilet! However as soon as we came back Murray played well again and stormed into the lead winning the second set 6-4. 

So it all came down to the final set and fortunately Murray carried on going strong as he went on to win 6-3 in a comfortable end to the game. 

He has now won Queens a record 5 times and overtakes the greats including McEnroe and Becker. 

Bring on Wimbledon! 


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