Euro 2016 Summary! 

It’s a week since the final and Euro 2016 was definitely one to remember. 

It was the tournament for upsets and new nations to overachieve and this was helped by the new format of having more countries than usual. 

The teams which surprised everyone were  winners Portugal who finished 3rd in their supposedly easy group and only won one game in 90 minutes throughout their whole tournament. 

Iceland also shocked the world as despite their small population they managed to get out of their group before amazingly beating England in what was arguably the most humiliating defeat in our history!  

England in general were very disappointing as usual only winning one game and that was against Wales, the home nation who did perform. They played as a team rather than individuals like us and deserved to get to the final in the end if not even winning. Blame has to go to the players as well as manager Roy Hodgson who made some crucial tactical mistakes. We now need to start again and get a new manager who surely can’t do any worse! 

The hosts France did what was expected to get to the final but they couldn’t manage to beat Portugal who defended very well. Portugal summed up the tournament in a way by teams defending and being negative which sometimes made games boring. 

The final wasn’t one to live in the memory with few chances but it will be remembered with Ronaldo getting injured right at the start and the moth that flew onto his face when he was crying on the floor! Credit to Portugal though as they won without him but it was a shame for everyone watching that one of the world’s best players didn’t play in one of the world’s biggest games. 

Overall it was a tournament that lacked a lot of quality but the underdogs performed and showed that anything can happen in football now.


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