Arsenal Transfer Update!

Not much has happened since I last did one of these! We have signed two players but they are far from the signings Arsenal fans want and expect. 

The players we have signed are young Japanese striker Takuma Asano who in Wenger’s own words is one for the future and similarly 20 year old English defender Rob Holding from Bolton.

I think Holding could be a good signing in a few years if not sooner and he is similar to Chambers as he can play both centre back and right back. His more natural position is in the centre of defence though so I think he will play there as back up if needed. 

Perhaps in the near future though it will be him and Chambers together in the heart of defence as both Koscielny and Mertesacker are getting older but we do also have Gabriel who could become a great defender with time. Holding has played very well in the pre season games in America even scoring a goal and his partnership with Chambers was good to see but bigger tests are to come. 

So the signings certainly haven’t got me along with many Arsenal fans excited at all and I ideally wanted us to get a better defender to partner Koscielny but we might have to make do with what we have got.

However recently it was announced that Mertesacker is going to be injured for up to five months (typical Arsenal, the season hasn’t even started yet) which could and should make Wenger go out and sign a new centre back. He has actually said that he is looking to buy an experienced one so time will tell. Mertesacker’s old German teammate Mustafi is the player that is most linked to us at the moment but will we pay the money for him or go for someone else or not get anyone at all?

The main position we still need is striker (everyone’s being saying this for a while now) and we have been linked with every decent one out there! Players like Higuain, Vardy, Lacazette, Icardi and Lukaku to name a few. Lacazette is perhaps the most realistic and likely to happen at the moment but who knows what Wenger is thinking or doing behind closed doors.

Hopefully he will get someone in that can really help us challenge next season along with Giroud. Talking of Giroud, he isn’t even going to start the season following his long run in Euro 2016 so we need a new striker even more. It also can’t be a coincidence that one of the only player numbers we don’t have in the squad is number 9! 

We have also in the last few days been heavily linked with Leicester’s and last year’s PFA player of the year Mahrez but it could just be a rumour like many others and follow the same end and result as Vardy. Who knows though as Wenger does like to keep things secret as he should do. 

If we could get him as well as a top striker then I would be very happy but I don’t think we will get both. What is more likely is that we just get a striker but will we even do that? Who knows but I’m sure Wenger is trying his best for the team and I think something will happen before the window shuts. 

The pressure is definitely on Wenger with our rivals strengthening and spending big on players. Man United and Mourinho look very good getting Ibrahimovic and Mhikitaryan and they might even get Pogba in a world record transfer. Chelsea have added well getting Kante who was arguably the best player last year and other teams have also bought well. 

Perhaps Arsenal and Wenger have been waiting for me to write and publish this blog before they make some signings? If so, I apologise to all Arsenal fans and take full responsibility! I think though that now we have finished our pre season games in the USA that something might happen soon. 

What will happen? Will we sign anyone? What will happen if we don’t? Will Wenger surprise everyone? So many questions and uncertainty but one thing that is for sure is that this month will be interesting!


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