Cricket at Lord’s

After Wimbledon and the Euros, the next sporting event was cricket and England were up against Pakistan in the first test. It was the third time I had been to Lord’s and it is a special and unique experience each time I go. It is similar to Wimbledon as it has a respectful atmosphere, everyone is smartly dressed and the crowd are allowed to drink inside and outside. 

It was also a very nice day in terms of the weather and James and I were sat right in the sun. We saw England continue their batting from the previous day before Pakistan started their second innings and they went on to do very well. Broad and Ali bowled well as they tried to limit Pakistan’s score as much as possible but Pakistan stayed in it for a while. They ended with a respectable score which would make it very hard for England to beat the following day. 

Overall it was a great day and we managed to not get too sunburnt as we often headed off to get drinks and walk around. I definitely enjoy cricket more and I have a better understanding of it now.


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