Arsenal Transfer Update!

We did eventually get some signings in the names of Mustafi and Lucas Perez and I was happy we got some players but I did want a ready made world class striker like Griezmann or someone. Perhaps this is too unrealistic though for us at the moment and maybe it will happen in few years. 

Mustafi I think is a very good signing and should partner Koscieny well in the absence of others and he is still quite young so will stay around and improve for  a while hopefully. He did cost quite a lot but it is normal in this market now. 

Lucas Perez is more of a gamble at an older age he is like Vardy in many ways as a late developer but he had a great season last year in La Liga scoring 17 goals. He looks quick and scored some good goals from what I saw on YouTube but will he be good in the very physical Premier League – only time will tell! 

I wanted us to get someone like Mahrez as well but perhaps we didn’t need him as we already have a lot of midfielders in particular wingers. Mahrez has more quality though and maybe we will get him next summer? 

I think in 2 years time Simeone and Griezmann will come to us but who knows?! 


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