Arsenal Legends v AC Milan Glorie Review

What a game it was for a number of reasons. Firstly it was so good to see the legends play again. A lot of them have still got it – they just lack that bit of pace but I think many could still be playing at a high level. 

It was also a great match which ended 4-2 but the quality of football in parts was very good and there were also some funny and entertaining moments. One in particular was when Nigel Winterburn (who in February had showed us around the Emirates) clattered into Paulo Di Canio and then they both got up and squared up before Winterburn dramatically fell to the ground just like what the referee did once with Di Canio. Apparently they wanted referee for the day Howard Webb to get involved but he wasn’t having any of it! 

It was quite sad though when some players had to come off due to injury including Marc Overmars who had a great game running down the wing as he used to. Cafu also got injured for AC Milan as well as Ray Parlour early on for us but this didn’t take anything away from the game.

In the game itself striker (our only striker) Kanu got a hat trick and the other goal was a classic Ljungberg and Pires combination as Ljungberg crossed it for Pires to calmly score. Pires in particular (who was one of my favourite players) was very good, perhaps the best on the pitch and he hasn’t lost it that much at all. 

So it finished 4-2 after two goals from Vieri for them and the only thing I was disappointed about was that Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira and others didn’t play but I’m sure there will be another time and I can’t wait for that! 


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