PSG v Arsenal Champions League Review

Our first Champions League game of the season and it doesn’t get much harder than big spending PSG away although they were without a certain Zlatan Ibrahimovic this season. 

The game got off to the worst possible start as Cavani who has been linked with us a lot in recent seasons scored within the first minute. I don’t think we were ready enough and this isn’t an excuse at this level. Mustafi was at fault and had a poor game in general but I suppose he is still getting used to the team and needs time. 

PSG then dominated the game and should have scored a few more at least but surprise starter Ospina made some great saves to keep us in it. I really think that Cech should start Champions League games but Ospina proved me wrong as he went on to get man of the match. Cavani also missed many chances which he should have scored showing that we were right to not buy him in my opinion. 

The game amazingly stayed at just 1-0 to them though and we then went for it and got out reward as Alexis Sanchez smashed it in putting us level. 

The game was about to finish when Giroud and Veratti both got sent off and seeing it again I don’t really know why and the referee should have just left it. Perhaps they were a bit stupid but it was so late on and it wasn’t that bad compared to other incidents (Costa has done a lot worse and got away with it!) 

It finished 1-1 though and it was a decent result for us especially considering PSG dominated in most parts of the game. We definitely need to improve if we want to go far in the competition. It was the hardest game we will have though in the group and I think we should qualify and maybe even top the group avoiding a big team in the knockout stages for once! 


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