Australian Open Finals 2017: Going Back 10 Years! 

The Australian Open has finished today for another year but it produced two finals that were certainly a blast from the past! 

The first being in the Women’s draw which involved the Williams’ sisters once again. Both of them are definitely at the latter stage of their careers but that hasn’t stopped them at all. Serena is still up there at the top but Venus managed to come back after dropping in form in recent years. 

It was the final that many people wanted but 35 year old Serena showed why she is currently number 1 and the better sister by winning an impressive and historic 23rd grand slam title. She now has more Grand slam titles than any player in the modern Open era. Is she the greatest female player ever?

Meanwhile in the Men’s final it was the final that everyone wanted as well between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Both of them even admitted that they didn’t expect to get as far as they had being in the latter stages of their careers, 30 and 35 respectively. But they showed age is just a number by setting up a final that had people reminiscing back around 10 years. 

The game was as everyone hoped and expected a classic just as it was in the past with it going to a thrilling 5 sets. Both of them would have deserved to win but there could unfortunately only be one winner as Federer once again triumphed over Nadal in an unforgettable match. 

I felt sorry for Nadal but he gave it his best shot and can be proud of how well he did in the tournament especially after coming back from injury. Hopefully he can continue to stay fit and fight for titles in the next few years. Can he win the French Open which is the next grand slam and his favourite competition?

Federer has now won a sensational 18 grand slam titles and he also has to be up there with the greatest players of all time. Is he even the greatest sportsmen of the modern era? He is also a great person as he is so humble in victory and said nice words about Nadal and vice versa.

One thing for sure is that Federer and Serena Williams as well as Venus and Nadal are all legends of the game and sport. As a fellow tennis player (or should I say someone who plays it occasionally) I have so much respect for all of them especially Federer and Nadal doing a gruelling 5 sets which took over 3 hours and I am privileged that they are around in my lifetime.


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