Leicester City: Champions League Winners or Championship Next Season?! 

Following their sensational win against Sevilla in the last 16 of the Champions League, Leicester are through to the quarter-finals of the biggest club competition in the world. But will they win the whole thing or will they get relegated in the league? 

After the surprising sacking of Ranieri, Leicester have done very well, winning their games in the Premier League and now beating Sevilla over two legs in the Champions League. Would they have done any worse with Ranieri? I feel really sorry for him as I don’t think they would have and it is really bad if they are just playing better now following a fall out or something. 

Goals from captain Morgan (who really did his namesake proud) and unsung hero Albrighton capped off a truly memorable night for Leicester and their fans and they should fear no one in the next round! 

So now they will hope to continue their rejuvenated form into the league and avoid relegation by picking up crucial points as well as playing in the last 8 of the Champions League which will be very interesting to say the least! It really is a fairytale Hollywood story that is still going on but how will it end? 

They should be up against one of the best teams in the world and they will have to be at their very best to stand any chance. I think that their quick counter attacking football will serve them well though and who knows what will happen. If Chelsea won it when they finished 6th one season, anyone can and stranger things have happened in football, especially recently!

If their big players like Schmeichel, (who did his dad proud, by making two sensational penalty saves in both legs) as well as striker Vardy and Mahrez are playing well then they have a real chance. They just need to stay together as a team, work hard for each other and play like they did when they somehow won the Premier League last season. 

Who’s to say they can’t win the Champions League this season? I really want them to win it and it would surely be the most incredible story ever! 

As an Arsenal fan I can’t really believe it at all as they have done better than we have for the past 7/8 years and this puts even more pressure on Wenger. If Leicester can do it then there’s no excuse. However also being an Arsenal fan I found it good and funny to see ex player Nasri get sent off for head-butting Vardy. He really deserves it for the way he left Arsenal and made the match that bit more enjoyable for me!

Personally I think that they will get knocked out in the next round by whoever they face but that won’t be embarrassing at all. It just has to be a step too far for them surely? With the Premier League, I would be very surprised if they got relegated, I think they should have enough to stay up meaning that this season has been a success for them. 

So what will happen? Can Leicester win the Champions League? Will they stay in the Premier League or get relegated? 

Ex Arsenal midfielder (traitor) Nasri head-butting Vardy!


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