Watching the Madrid Derby in Mallorca! 

As I am in Spain at the moment it was only right that I should embrace the Spanish culture so I watched the Madrid Derby on Saturday. 

It was a very close and intense game throughout and it finished 1-1 after goals from Pepe and Griezmann. Real perhaps deserved to win the game as they dominated possession and had more chances but Atletico defended very well which they’re known for and kept in the game. They arguably had the better chances as well and on another day could have won the game. 

I was supporting Atletico Madird as they were the underdogs and always seem to be the inferior rival. I liked their strike force of    Griezmann in particular and Torres up front. Elsewhere Ronaldo didn’t really get into the game that much compared to his usual very high standards and Garet (how the Spanish commentator pronounced his name) Bale also struggled to make an impact. 

I also like Atletico Madrid’s manager Argentine Diego Simeone (Beckham’s best friend!) who has been rumoured to take over from Wenger when he leaves and I think he would be a great manager to have. He shows so much passion on the sideline and is a very good tactician especially in the big games in the league and Champions League which we struggle with at the moment. Will he be the next Arsenal manager though and could he bring Griezmann with him? 

I really hope Griezmann comes to Arsenal in the summer but sadly this probably won’t happen as he will cost too much (£100m) especially with Wenger in charge. My step dad liked him for different reasons as he thought his hair was perfect!  

So overall it was a good experience watching a La Liga game (which I rarely ever see) in Spain with a few locals in a bar. We were very fortunate to even find a place that showed it as everywhere else was showing German games as there were loads of German bikists around. You also have to pay to watch the games in Spain and you can’t even watch the El Clasico in England now which is a shame. 

The result leaves Real Madrid still on top in the league ahead of rivals Barcelona (who later surprisingly lost to Malaga) by three points and they also have a game in hand. Manager and legend as a player Zidane has done very well in charge of Real and hasn’t damaged his reputation at all yet! Can he keep this up though in what is arguably the toughest club team to manage in the world as it requires constant success every season?

So Real will be favourites to win now and along with Atletico (who are 3rd) they are all still in the Champions League which takes place this week. Atletico play against Leicester which will be a great game to watch as both teams play counter attacking football and play a 4-4-2 formation. I expect Atletico to win though in two legs. 

I also think Real and Barca will win their games against Juventus and Bayern Munich respectively but the latter could easily go either way. I might be able to watch the game live here again and I’m sure it will be very crowded everywhere. 

Will Real Madrid win the La Liga or will Barcelona come back? Will anyone of them win the Champions League or will Leicester shock everyone again? But most importantly will ‘perfect hair’ Griezmann ever come to Arsenal?! 


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