My Premier League Team of the Season! 

The PFA team of the year has been announced today and there has already been a lot of debate about it on social media as there always is. 

Personally I disagree with it a bit and would make 4 changes. 

My Team – Courtois, Walker, Alderweireld, David Luiz, Azpilicueta, Kante, Alli, Hazard, Alexis Sanchez, Lukaku, Kane

The key players in my team are Kante who I think deserves to be the PFA player of the year and Alli for the PFA young player of the year. Hazard and Lukaku as well as Kane all definitely deserve to be in it and will just miss out on the individual awards I think. If Arsenal perfomed better as a team then maybe Sanchez would have had a chance but unfortunately he hasn’t been as good as the others this season. 

So the first change for me would be Courtois or Lloris instead of De Gea as they both have the most clean sheets this season (13) and have conceded fewer goals. I know De Gea is in a worse team and the defence in front of him isn’t as good but he hasn’t been as good this season compared to the others. 

My second change would be Alderweireld (and that’s coming from an Arsenal fan) for Cahill as he has definitely performed better in my opinion. He is arguably the best centre back in the league especially this season with Spurs conceding the least goals and he has been a massive reason for this. 

Cahill is perhaps the biggest surprise in the team for me and doesn’t deserve to be in it as much although he has been solid this season. Is there England bias going on here as there are 5 English players but only 3 should be in it for me? 

The third change would be Azpilicueta for Rose as he has been one of the top defenders this season. He has adapted so well in Chelsea’s new formation with three centre backs and wing backs and Rose has been injured and not been as good for me. 

The last change and the most surprising for me would be Alexis Sanchez (surprise surprise) and there’s no bias here from me for Mane. Comparing the two Sanchez has far better stats and has carried Arsenal so much this season. It has been his best season at Arsenal and he is a the PFA player of the year nominee unlike Mane. I think Mane has been really good as well but he deserves to just miss out instead of him. 

So apart from these four changes I agree with the team. Obviously Chelsea and Spurs deservedly have to have most of their players in it and in my team it’s only Sanchez and Lukaku that are from other teams. 

What do you think of the PFA team of the season? What changes would you make? Do you agree with me?


2 thoughts on “My Premier League Team of the Season! 

    • Davey Davey Davey – not sure if you’re joking or not?! Yes Sanchez really! 19 goals and 9 assists this season and he has performed really well in most games in a struggling team. I’m not putting any Spurs players out it’s Mane who’s done well but not as well in my opinion!

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