Arsenal v Chelsea FA Cup Final Pre-Match Build Up! 

As you should do for any big match, especially a cup final, James and I arrived at Wembley hours before the game to soak up the atmosphere. This in some ways is my favourite part of a match day as you are excited and full of hope before the actual stressful, tense game starts! 

We met up with other Arsenal fans we know who had also been fortunate enough to get tickets. Obviously we had a few beers to settle our nerves and the more we had the more we all thought Arsenal would win! I wasn’t feeling very confident at all when I first got there but after speaking to everyone we all convinced ourselves that it could be our day. Deep down though I was fearing the worst! 

After our pre match alcoholic beverages (including a pint of ale which was in the words of Mario Balotelli a bit **** can I say that?) we then made our way to our seats. Unlike the other two finals I wasn’t sitting with James as it was very hard to get tickets together but I was with Arsenal fans and in games like this especially it doesn’t really matter as they are like a family. With football you can always talk to strangers and get on with them especially if everyone’s had a few drinks! 

The weather was also definitely the best I’ve experienced at a Cup Final. I actually wore shorts for once and had to wear my sunglasses. Would it play a factor at all in the game though? I sound like my best mate Ty! 

Fortunately for me my seat was pretty good and right behind the goal where Arsenal were attacking in the second half. The Arsenal fans were in very good spirits and voice as you would expect at a final and it was one of the best atmospheres I have ever experienced with Arsenal just like in the semi final. 

Then came the usual traditions of the song ‘Abide with me’ followed by the national anthem and the team line ups. It was at this point when you get a bit nervous but also excited. 

So everything was set up and ready but what would happen in the game? 



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