Wenger In For Two More Years! 

The news that many people (all Arsenal fans) had been waiting for all season was finally confirmed a few weeks ago and it certainly got a reaction from everyone!

The announcement was that Arsene Wenger will stay for another two years at least and it received mixed responses. I personally believe it was the right decision overall as I think he deserves to end better than he did this season even though we won the FA Cup. 

I know many fans are not pleased with the decision though including Piers Morgan who always vents on twitter about his feelings on Wenger and Arsenal. It will be so good if Wenger can prove him and many others wrong! Also many fans on Arsenal Fan TV have said they wanted him to leave a lot especially this season but they will have to put up with him for another two years now! 

I really do think he should have one last chance to try and win the Premier League and then hopefully the Champions League the season after. If he doesn’t achieve anything then so be it but I reckon he will really try and go for it now! 

What were Wenger and Gazidis doing in France?!

This could be seen in the transfer window with us already been linked with a lot of marquee big money signings including teenage sensation Kylian Mbappe for a world record fee. Will it actually happen?

The other thing is will we be able to keep our star players at the club now the announcement has been made? Sanchez in particular and Özil have both been linked with moves away a lot but will Wenger convince them to stay? 

The main factor for me really for wanting him to stay was who was going to replace him? There aren’t any top managers available at the moment and until there are I think he is the best man for the job for now. Hopefully in 2 years time we should have a ready made replacement for him who is really able to take us forward for the future. Who will it be?

Will Eddie Howe take over from Wenger as our long term manager?


So do you think it was the right decision? How will Wenger and Arsenal do in what will probably be his last two years at the club? Will we win the Premier League in particular or the Champions League? 



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