KSI v Joe Weller/Arsenal v Everton Preview!

While James is following the usual routine and going to the Emirates, I am off to a boxing match today!

By boxing match it’s not exactly a proper fight but a YouTube one between two people who nearly have as much confidence as Zlatan!

KSI (Arsenal fan from London) has got 17 million subscribers on YouTube and is the favourite as he is taller, heavier (83kg) and has a longer reach. Joe Weller (Chelsea fan from Brighton) has got 4 million subscribers and is smaller, lighter (79kg) and so has a disadvantage but he has been in the gym for more years!

For an unprofessional fight the two of them actually look in good condition and have worked very hard as if they are proper athletes and fighting in a real match. It is at the Copper Box arena in Stratford, London so it should be a good event whatever happens.

It should be a close fight and it’s very hard to call it but I think it will go the full distance with KSI just winning. Joe Weller might easily do it as well though and to be fair he has barely shown himself training at all which means no one knows what to expect from him.

KSI meanwhile has been seen to have knocked someone out so everyone knows he has the power to cause some problems and maybe even knock Joe out early on!

So KSI to win in the fight which also has a few undercards as well! It will definitely be an event which goes down in YouTube history!

Meanwhile James is going to Arsenal and to be honest I am quite annoyed I can’t go to it as well (can’t do everything!) He should see Mkhi’s home debut, Theo’s return and maybe even Aubameyang’s debut! Will our new record signing play though as he apparently has a fever?

I think Arsenal will win 3-1 with Mkhi scoring along with Özil and either Lacazette or Aubameyang maybe off the bench! Will Walcott also score for them against his former team?


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