KSI vs Joe Weller Review: A day that will go down in YouTube history!


As I said in my preview, I was fortunate enough to be going to what was promised to be the biggest YouTube event in history and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

I went with Haza Trand (who’s also a youtuber with 116 subscribers but his last video was 2 years ago!) and arrived early to soak up the atmosphere. I was surprised with how good our seats were considering I got the tickets late and it was weird to see all the Youtubers who turned up ringside. I almost felt more excited to see them than footballers as you feel like you can relate to them more.

The first undercard fight was won by Uosof Ahmadi after he beat Exploring with Josh (I hadn’t really heard of either of them!) and it was actually quite a good fight compared to what was to come next!

Next up was a fight between twins (Jake and Liam) who I had barely heard or knew anything about. It was probably one of the worst fights I have ever seen and I’d go as far to say that Haza and I could have put on a better show after a night out and that really is saying something!

You could tell they had barely trained and didn’t really want to fight each other (understandable really) and it was hard not to laugh at times. In the end we were put out of our misery when Liam won on points.

Next up were two Youtubers I had actually heard of, MaxPlays (used to be MaxPlaysFifa) and AnEsonGib aka Ali. Both of their walkouts were so much better than the twins who literally just walked out without any swagger at all!

This was a very unfair fight on paper as Ali is a lot bigger than him and even gave KSI a good fight once. You could tell early on who had trained more as well as Ali just constantly attacked Max and barely gave him anytime to think throughout.

Ali who had lost quite a bit of weight before the fight won after just two rounds and it was the first KO. Max definitely needed to pick on someone his own size!

The last undercard fight was between JMX (over 2 Million subscribers) and Mike Fox (over 1 million) and this was another unfair fight. If this is done again they really do need to pick two people who are of similar height and weight!

JMX, 6ft 5, was the clear favourite although he had dislocated his shoulder on numerous occasions before the fight so could only really use one arm! Mike Fox though had barely trained at all and so it didn’t really matter. Having said that Mike came out fighting (literally) and had JMX against the ropes (literally)!

JMX did quickly show who was the bigger guy as he dominated the fight and it was quite harsh to watch really as Mike went down a few times. Credit to Mike though (who has the same birthday as me!) as he kept going with his girlfriend cheering him on ringside!

JMX unsurprisingly won with a technical knockout but Mike Fox (who’s only 20!) had the last laugh as he proposed to his girlfriend in his interview with True Geordie. She of course said yes (kind of had to in front of 8,000 people!) so both fighters sort of went home winners and it was nice to see them hug and respect each other as friends after!

It was at this point that Haza lad and I went to get a cider (we’re just a bit crazy!) before the big fight that everyone was waiting for. The build up was sensational but it did take a while for them to come out!

It was worth it though in the end as they both came out with banging songs with KSI (JJ) obviously coming out to one of his own songs!

The place was buzzing and Joe Weller was clearly the crowd favourite. Once they got in the ring though it was as if time stood still for a bit and you could really feel the tension. Having watched both of them for years it did feel like it was two of your mates in there and I didn’t really want either of them to get knocked out or lose.

So the moment finally came and Joe surprised everyone by not throwing a punch for quite a while into the first round and just took some hits from KSI. I almost thought he wasn’t going to throw a punch at all and just tire KSI out before he quickly countered and the crowd really got behind him each time.

The best bit about the fight for me was seeing all the Youtubers ringside cheering and getting pumped about it. The different reactions of people like Behzinga and Calfreezy to people like Miniminter was funny to see as the latter could barely watch his friend whereas the other two were shouting throughout!

The fight was pretty even until you could see Joe was bleeding a bit and KSI was hitting him very hard. The second round ended with KSI wrestling Joe to the ground and this made you remember that it wasn’t really a professional fight!

It was late in the third round (that’s when KSI said it was going to go down!) that the referee decided that the fight eventually had to stop with Joe clearly not looking too good and KSI was the deserved winner.

I did find it a bit disrespectful that everyone ran on to the ring almost bumping into Joe who was clearly disappointed. I suppose in the heat of the moment people let their emotions get the better of them and they were obviously relieved that their friend had won.

KSI was clearly gassed that he won (a lot of credit to him) and he unsurprisingly called out the Paul brothers or any Paul! To be fair to him he did do what he said he would do and I found it funny that as soon as he won everyone started chanting his name all of a sudden!

He also spoke about mental health which was nice to see and hear and both of them gave respect to each other, hugged and were almost friends in the end. I did feel really sorry for Joe as he put in so much work but he can be very proud of himself and overall he is the better man in my opinion.

After the fight Haza and I went down to the ring and saw a few Youtubers including Stephen Tries (over 400k subscribers) who we luckily got a picture with as well as Josh Zerker aka Zerkaa from the sidemen and True Geordie. Credit to all of them as they were the few that stayed behind until the very end!

So what a day (made even better as Arsenal won 5-1 against Everton!) which will definitely go down in YouTube history! I really do think this will be the start of something special for YouTube and a lot more people are starting to take notice of it now. The streams were watched by more than a million people and it was the biggest white collar event ever!

So what will happen next? Will KSI fight one of the Paul brothers? Will Joe Weller fight again? Will anyone else step up and put their reputation and career on the line?


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