Wenger Out!

At the end of the season. The news many Arsenal fans have wanted and been waiting for has finally been announced today. Arsene Wenger will leave at the end of the season.

I personally don’t know how to feel as a part of me is sad as he’s the only manager I’ve ever known at the club and the other part is happy as (in the words of Claude) it was time for him to go.

He has done so much for the club winning 3 premier league titles (including an unbeaten season), finished in the top 4 for 20 seasons in a row, winning more FA Cups (7) than any other manager and he is simply the most successful manager in our history.

He has also done so much for the club off the pitch as well mainly with our new stadium and he transformed the way Arsenal played football which for me is how football should be played.

The big question is now though, who will replace him? Despite this very disappointing season it will still be massive shoes to fill and the fans will be expecting instant success. Some names I’ve heard are Allegri from Juventus, Jardim from Monaco, ex Captain Vieira (that really would be sensational) and even Brendan Rodgers!

Now I really hope we win the Europa League for Wenger as he deserves to end on a high. If we don’t though hopefully most fans will remember him for all the good things he has done for the club.

How will this decision effect the players? They must have already known before all of us so maybe this has played a part in their performances.

So will the players rally together for their manager one last time and bring him some silverware? Will Wenger be given a statue? And most importantly who will replace him for next season?

Thanks for the memories, Arsene.


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