What next at Arsenal?!

Since Wenger announced he was leaving, there has been much debate and rumours about who will and should replace him.

The 3 main candidates have been Allegri from Juventus, Arteta who’s Pep Guardiola’s number two at Man City and former player and captain of Arsenal and finally Emery!

Overall I would have taken Allegri as I think he would be exactly what we need but I’m pretty sure he’s staying at Juventus (who can blame him). Arteta would have been interesting but a massive risk as he is very inexperienced at the moment. Maybe he will take over from Emery in a few years?

Some people might be saying “who?” to Emery but he looks like the most likely to take over now. It sort of came out of nowhere and for me it feels like a bit of an anti climax and disappointment.

Hopefully Emery can prove me wrong though and to be fair barely anyone had heard of Wenger before he came. Will he be an instant success though or will it take him a few years to adjust and succeed?

Emery, who’s 46, has actually got a very good record in his career so far. He’s just won the treble at PSG and won 3 successive Europa Leagues (something we desperately need to get back into the Champions League!) at Sevilla. So he’s definitely a winner but the Premier League is a lot tougher than the French league so only time will tell how well he does.

It is rumoured that Emery will be announced as the new manager later this week and hopefully Arsenal fans get behind him and give him a chance (for a few years at least!)

Apparently he really impressed Gazidis and co and made it clear that he wants to build the team around Aubameyang and Ramsey. I think this is very promising as they are probably our two best performers at the moment. Obviously Özil is world class at times and players like Lacazette, Mkhitaryan and Wilshere all have their days but it’s good that he’s already correctly identified our key players.

New squad numbers for next season were also announced yesterday. Cech will be our new number 1 (not sure what to think about that), Bellerin finally gets the number 2 shirt, Elneny takes over from Mertesacker as the new number 4 and Xhaka gets his favourite number 34 shirt following Coquelin’s departure last season. What does this mean for new signings?

So will Emery be the new Arsenal manager? If so, who will he sign this summer and what should his aim be for next season?


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